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Inappropriate Comments

The San Pasqual Valley Unified School District Board of Trustees and the Superintendent learned that a teacher made a racially insensitive comment to a student during classroom instruction. The District has made appropriate inquiries and determined that the alleged comment was in fact made by the teacher. The teacher acknowledged the comment, but the teacher did not intend to offend the student or any other student and will be issuing a personal apology to the students and families affected by the comment.


The Board of Trustees and I first want to assure the community, staff, parents and students that the comment does not represent the attitude or belief of the Board, Superintendent, our employees or our students. The comment was not in keeping with the high standards we expect from our staff and our students as to matters of cultural and racial diversity in our schools and such comments are not tolerated.


We have imposed appropriate sanctions to the maximum permissible by law to ensure there is no recurrence of this type of behavior. For those who have made inquiries about the consequences imposed, that remains a personnel matter that is confidential under controlling law and we cannot answer specific questions about the type or substance of consequences imposed.


The Board and I express our sincere apology for our staff member’s comment and assure all of you that we have and will continue to work aggressively to ensure that cultural and racial diversity in our schools is embraced and students and staff are not subjected to inappropriate and demeaning cultural or racially insensitive comment.  

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