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On Thursday August 15th District custodian Angel Torres-Carreon was arrested based on allegations of lewd acts against a minor child and released on $150,000 bail on August 16th. Mr. Torres-Carreon’s first court appearance is scheduled for September 16th   and we presume at that time he will be arraigned on specific charges. In the meantime, and since our first release of information, staff has received a number of questions from community members about student safety and Mr. Torres-Carreon’s employment status.

 All newly hired employees go through a comprehensive background check that includes fingerprinting and a criminal record history report from the Department of Justice. Mr. Torres-Carreon was subjected to the process at time of hire, received clearance from the Department of Justice and no information was reported to the district that suggested Mr. Torres-Carreon posed a risk to the safety of students and others, or of engaging in the actions that are alleged against him at this time. Once new employees complete the initial screening process, the Department of Justice sends automatic notifications to school districts in forming districts of any subsequent criminal arrests and convictions for any offenses that may render a current employee unfit to serve as a school district employee. The District has never received any subsequent notification from the Department of Justice, any other agency or any other person that Mr. Torres-Carreon had engaged in, was charged with or convicted of any offense that would have rendered him unfit to serve a school district employee, or otherwise indicated that he presented a risk of harm to students or others.


Once the allegations surfaced, the victim and her mother notified the District and all involved cooperated with law enforcement in a swift and effective investigation. During that time Mr. Torres-Carreon remained at work on August 15th at the request of law enforcement to facilitate the ongoing investigation, but segregated from direct contact with students and under continual surveillance while law enforcement completed its investigation, completed the arrest and from that point on, Mr. Torres-Carreon has not returned to, nor will he be permitted to return to, any district facility. The District has initiated the legally required process to remove Mr. Torres-Carreon from employment with the District.

The District has offered outreach and support services to staff, parents and students and qualified professionals have continued reviewing the facts and circumstances in an effort to determine if there may have been other victims. At this time we are not aware of any other victims and anticipate that if any other victims are identified, the District will be notified at that time. Our students remain safe and we are conducting a comprehensive review of security and safety measures in place in our various programs and will modify, adapt and enhance security and safety consistent with recommendations and determinations made upon completion of our review to ensure that we provide the best security available to prevent predatory incidents by any person in our schools.

 Our students are safe. We are confident that no other employees were involved, that the allegations against Mr. Torres-Carreon involve him alone, and no other district employee or any other person. He has been removed from the school setting, is currently facing criminal prosecution and adverse employment action and will not, under any circumstance, be permitted to return to our schools. While some community members have expressed frustration that the District has not released additional information we assure you that we are actively engaged in ensuring the safety of all students and cooperating with law enforcement and the district attorney as this matter proceeds through the legal system. The District is not privy to all of the information obtained in the investigation, is not permitted to disclose confidential information unless and until the District is authorized to do so or information is disclosed in court proceedings, and like most of the community, the District must allow the investigatory process and judicial process to play out to get the answers to questions that we have. We will continue to update the community as we learn additional details or become legally authorized to release information that is currently confidential.

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